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Set up at a show


Novice Member
Apr 11, 2005
Hi everyone,
I just joined chef success this morning, thank you for the support. This is my 3rd time as a PC consultant. I took time off to have my 3 wonderful boys!! Now I'm back and need new ideas to get myself going again, in a new city.

2 questions:
1) How do you carry your products to the show?

2) What is your set up like?



Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005

To answer your questions...
1. I take ONLY the products I am using in one crate and I take another crate for
dirty products. Now that I am toting the spring products around, they go in
my empty crate and my dirty products go back in the crate they came in.

2. My set up...not exactly sure what you want to know, but I put the products
I am using on the counter where I'll be working. If I have extra products
(Like the new spring ones) I put them out on the table or if there is no room,
I keep them in my crate and pass them around as I talk about them.

Have fun and again, WELCOME BACK!