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September is going to be hard


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Feb 14, 2005
I don't know about the rest of you but with everything that has happened in the last several days I think September is going to be very tough. I just can't help but thinking I am crazy to be out there trying to sell PC when the economy is getting hit so hard right now. Gas is beyond outrageous. I had a lady knock on my door yesterday for food. I gave her some and then told her that our church has a food pantry and to try there as well. She said she didn't have gas or the money to put gas in her car. Times are tough ladies. I just have this pit in my stomach right now for trying to sell PC in times like this. I just don't have that regular PC excitement that I usually do. :(


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Oct 5, 2004
You need to be excited about your business! It's true, sales may be off in some areas this fall with everything that is going on, but our best product is our business opportunity and that could be a huge blessing for those who are feeling the crunch particularly hard. I was just thinking that I will more than likely be doing one show a week just to fill my gas tank and it's quite possible that there will be plenty of people willing to give up one night a week to do the same until (hopefully) things calm down. For those who aren't interested in our business our host program is another way to save alot of money of gifts for the holiday. If we stay excited about what we have to offer others, our business will stay solid through these difficult times.


Thats how I feel with our upcoming fair. It is the 6th - 10th and I feel we wont have near the crowd that we usually do. I hope I am wrong because the fair grounds were already filled up lastweek with campers so am hoping most got here before the prices went up. Guess we will see.


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Jul 23, 2005
I agree in a way

I agree in a way but I live in mississippi just 4 hours away from the coast. I have already had one show cancel for the 10th because they had family they had not heard from and was going to look. I went and personally talked to my other hosts for the rest of the month and see if they wanted to do shows and they were all for it. I think it will be a stress reliever for most and for the others just a sort of comfort to be with others. If we stay focused on our customers and not our paychecks I think we will stay successful...just my thoughts....