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Selling The Ultimate Slice and Grate


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Apr 14, 2004
Selling The Pampered Chef Ultimate Slice and Grate

I'm sharing this article I wrote that pretty much explains everything I say and why to "sell" the USG. I'm teaching a selling workshop at Conference and am using this very information in my speech. If you pass it along, I hope you will give me credit.

One thing that is not written here, I do talk about exactly how to use it as I demonstrate different foods on it. And PLEASE DON'T SHRIEK, I explain how to START the vegetable with your hand, STOP half-way or sooner, put on the food holder, then finish. I REALLY EMPHASIZE the
importance of using the food holder. Any tool can be dangerous if not
used properly, or used haphazardly (seems I hear men are the ones most who think they can slice all the way just using their hand, lol) I show them examples, using a Roma tomato or large bell pepper. I explain if they try to start with the food holder, the vegetable will just tip over. But if they get it started grasping it firmly with their hand, creating a flat surface on the bottom, then put the food holder on, it works beautifully and SAFELY. I also talk about using it to slice scored lemons for lemonade or lime wheels for margaritas. There's just SO MUCH you can do with this tool, that people immediately realize what a deal it is, particularly when the ones at Williams-Sonoma start at around $100. Sometimes I also even start out saying, "Now this is in a family of tools called mandolins, most of which are rather costly. This one is very reasonable priced." Hope this helps you all. I SWEAR by this tool for bookings (and also my fabulous Grill Pan).

Kim Corbett

By Adv. Director Kim Corbett

In every aspect of our business, we “sell”. You are a salesperson in every way, selling products, selling the idea of having a kitchen show, and selling the business opportunity. “Sell” can be that “four-letter word” that we avoid, but actually we sell in other aspects of our lives besides our business. We “sell” the idea of going to the beach for vacation to our spouse, the idea of going to bed on time to a 5 year old, the idea of why this dress is more appropriate than another to your 14 year old daughter. The better we can sell, the more successful we will be in life as well as our business.

When you know how to sell your products, you promote even more bookings because people who can’t afford to purchase will book a show to get the product. Being able to sell is SO important! Let’s take one of our top-selling tools, the Ultimate Slice ’n Grate and break down the way it can be sold.

Why It’s Better Than All the Others

“The first thing you will notice is that it is all self-contained. It doesn’t come apart until I take it apart. (Shake USG slightly to show it stays together) There won’t be a box under the cabinet with a bunch of pieces you’re bound to lose. All blades are stainless steel, never going to rust. Stores very conveniently in a drawer or up in your cabinet taking up minimal space."

Explain How It Works

“All the blades store right underneath the high quality plastic housing. To use, just pull one out and pop it into the slot where it locks into place for safety. The food holder will protect your fingers and the telescoping function will make certain no food is wasted because it slices all the way down to the end.” (see above for more details)

Point Out the Value

“Most of what we do when prepping food is either chopping or slicing. If you have the Food Chopper, this tool should be next on your list. Once I show you all the things you can do with this tool, you will see what a value it is. You will use it again and again whenever you cook.”


“The Julienne Blade is terrific for zucchini for stir-fries, cucumber for salads, potatoes for hash brown, carrots for salad and more. My personal favorite right now is carrots, because it makes nice little flat chunks of carrot, perfect for salads and soups. Texture in your recipe is important and if all your food is chopped the same size, it's rather boring when eating it.

The Grating Blade of course is terrific for grating cheese, grating cabbage for slaw, apple for pancakes, zucchini for bread and more. You'll save so much money grating your own cheese; it tastes better than pre-shred, melts prettier, and doesn't mold as quickly. And look how easy it is to do!

The Adjustable Slicing Blade adjusts from around an 1/8” to paper thin. Wonderful for slicing onions, cucumbers, squash. I knew one woman who bought it just to be sure all her fried zucchini was the same thickness because that’s how her husband liked them. (Recipes) - Have any of you ever had home-made potato chips in a restaurant? Crunchy, crispy and oh so good! You can make your own at home with this tool. I use Yukon gold potatoes, just scrub the skins, cut them in half, and slice on the Adj. Slicing Blade using the food holder, and either bake on a stone or fry in hot oil. Absolutely delicious and NO LIMP greasy potatoes because they are paper-thin! I guarantee that even after they’re cold, they’re still crispy and edible!

V-Shaped Blade—It slices thicker skinned things like tomatoes and bell peppers, perfect for sandwiches or when you’re grilling out to slice onions and tomatoes for the hamburgers quickly and efficiently. And if you invest in it for nothing else, how about this? Have you ever been to a restaurant and have the salad there that you have to go back again and again just for the salad because the lettuce is sliced ultra-thin, so crispy and crunchy...the texture is wonderful! You can have that at home, too. Just use a firm head of iceberg lettuce, don’t core it to keep the leaves intact. Hold the head at an angle against the slicer and slice, changing positions every few slices. You’ll have the most beautiful pile of thinly shredded lettuce you’ve ever seen. AND here is the best part! When doing that lettuce for tonight's dinner salad, go ahead and do the WHOLE HEAD. I make a huge salad on Sunday, store it in the Large Bowl with the lid from the 4-Pc. Colander and Bowl Set, and eat salad all week! Remember, the blades are stainless steel so your lettuce will stay nice and green without added preservatives!

And of course, if you like your slaw shredded instead of chopped, it’s great for cabbage, too. And you can do corn...how many of you like corn “OFF” the cob?? Just shove the cob down the length of the slicer and the corn is removed with no slipping of a knife endangering your fingers. I do suggest doing this only with larger ears of corn, and if you think you might slip holding the corn, use a folded clean dishcloth to hold the ear with to protect your fingers (saw this on Emeril one

And when you’re done, just pop it into the dishwasher and it cleans quickly and easily.”

Restate the Value

“So, you see how much use you will get out of this tool and how much time it will save you when preparing your favorite recipes. It’s a must-have for every kitchen!”

Tell them how they can get it/take advantage of it

“You can invest in this tool tonight and have a great addition to your kitchen, you can save money and host a show to get it for half-price, or start your own business with PC and earn it for FREE along with $1200 in other Pampered Chef tools during your first 3 months in business!”

* Always use positive words like “you will”, not “you might” or
“maybe”. Assume they will want and enjoy what you’re selling!
* Demonstrate if at all possible. Use in recipe or demo with
other food. I try to do at least 2 things on it, if not more. Usually grated cheese, sliced onion, pepper or zucchini, and often I do the lettuce, too.
* Use the word “invest”, not “buy or purchase”.


Anymore 101 classes like this?


This is a wonderful selling tool for the US&G. Do oyu have anymore of these?