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Pampered Chef: Sales Selling Simple Additions

  1. DebPC

    DebPC Legacy Member Staff Member

    Selling Pampered Chef Simple Additions


    The first step to selling these is to use them, They are beautiful, durable, and go with any decor. I say "Pampered Chef has bridged the gap between preparing food and serving food with our Simple Addition pieces."I take at least 2-4 pieces to my shows. I'ts important to pass one piece around so they can feel the quality.I also have them look in the catalog and show them how versatile the pieces are.
    I've had many customers begin buying sets to use as dishes.

    I like to say:
    "How many of you love to throw elegant dinner parties"?
    "How many of you like to have casual get togethers"?
    Say...."Well.........now Pampered Chef has something all of you will love..........
    it can be as elegant as shrimp cocktails and crushed ice............and it's great for chips and salsa

    If you can display your finished recipe using the simple Additions, by all means do so.

    And don't forget all the brides to be out there.They will love Pampered Chef
    Simple Additions for everyday dishes or entertaining and can register for them!
    Jun 30, 2004
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