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Selling items from mini-kit

Dec 6, 2015
The second time I re-signed as a consultant I decided to just rejoin and buy the mini-kit instead of paying the $25 so I have lots of duplicate items I'm trying to sell / swap and I'm willing to sell them for 50% off retail price.

Cutting bar board

Manual Food Processor and lid

Simple Slicer

Bamboo Small Snack bowl

Small Bamboo spoon set

Coated Utility Knife

Small Batter bowl

Measuring Spoon set

Mini Serving Spatula

Small Mix N’ Scraper

Medium Round Stone

Garlic Press

Micro plane Zester

Niki Kate

Novice Member
Nov 30, 2015
Hi there.

Here is what I'm interested in taking off your hands....

Bamboo spoon set
Coated Utility Knife
Mini Serving Spatula

PM me to work out shipping.