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Selling Add Ons


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Apr 14, 2004
Selling Add Ons At a Pampered Chef Show

One very interesting selling technique is the Add ON. After your demo is done and you are taking orders, just don't add up the total- really look at what each customer is ordering.
If they are ordering a flat clay baking stone and not the rack. You'd want to mention the benefits of having the rack and would they like to add it on.
If they order the Simple Addition bowls, mention the small bamboo spoons go perfectly in there.
If they order the decorating set mention how nicely the skinny scraper is to fill it.
If they just order 1 Quickcut paring knife or mini serving spatula I always say "Are you sure you don't want to order a couple more?
If they mention they just love a certain product they already have, mention are they sure they wouldn't like to order another one as a gift for someone.
These are a couple of examples. Create many more yourself.


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Nov 24, 2004
Add-ons / Cross Sells

The cutting board is always a great add on. I remember that I used to often overlook talking about it when I was doing my demos because I'd get it dirty before I mentioned it. It took a bit to get in the swing, but now I REALLY promote it right off the bat. As the show progresses, customers may forget about it. But at the end of the show when they are ordering a high priced knife, chopper, etc. I remind them of what a small investment a $14 cutting board is to help make sure blades stay their sharpest by using a quality polyethylene board.
With the stoneware muffin pan (and now we'll have the 6 cup too), I cross sell the large scoop. perfect, uniform sized muffins their family will think they bought them. With the Deluxe mini-muffin pan, I suggest the medium scoop.