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Seeking Games!



Hi! First time poster here. I am in my second SS month, and now that I have figured out the basics, I want to make my shows fun! I feel like I'm not getting as many bookings from shows as I would like. How do you make your shows fun? I'm looking for games and other ideas. Thank you SO much!


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Apr 14, 2004
Welcome to Chef Success! Many games have been posted here. Use the top navigational bar and click on search. then put in games for the keyword and search. All sorts of posts regarding games will appear.


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Feb 3, 2005
If you want to make your show fun, you have to start by having fun yourself. Be EXCITED and your guests will be excited. Get your guests involved and they will have fun and use the products.

If you want to do a "game", you could pass out tickets. You can give tickets to those who came on time, brought a friend, demo a product, share their favorite product, ask a question, book a show, WHATEVER you can think of. At the end of the show, you can choose one to win "10%" off their order. (Let them know that at the start of the show)

Having said that, attached are some "games" I've gotten in different places. The EGG PICKS is not really a game, but a list of products that you cut up and put in easter eggs (obviously a spring game). Guests can get a free product if they book a show...they pick an egg to see what they win.


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Thanks so much for posting those. They look great! About the auction, though- I see how they get $$, but then what do they do with the money? Do you auction off some items? Or does the person with the most $ win something?

It looks like a lot of fun! I appreciate the new ideas, especially as I have more repeat customers.
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Feb 3, 2005
I've not used the auction....just a download someone in my group sent on. I am guessing you pass out fake money and then at the end of the show, you could have a few bags with items inside (smaller items or discontinued items??). They don't get to see what is in the bag. The bidding starts. Whoever has the highest bid wins that bag. They can save their money for the next time they attend YOUR PC show. (That's how I've seen it done at a Tupperware party)

I used to do the tickets. I don't know why I stopped, but don't use them now. I need to go back to using them for setting the timer and having everyone ask as many questions as they can about my PC BUSINESS (business questions only). They get a ticket for each question and at the end I pick for 10% off. It really generates a lot of good questions. NEED TO DO THIS AGAIN!


Thank you so much for your help! I'm really excited about playing those games! Is there anyone else out there who knows what to do with the auction?

janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
auction game

Before I became a PC consultant I hosted a PC show and my consultant did the auction. She handed out money thorughout the demo and we bid on small prizes like the paring knife and cake tester. You have to explain it good though because I think we were a little confused at the time. Maybe instead of calling the game an auction they could redeem their money for a prize. Just make certain things a certain amount of money like $800 for the cake tester and $1,000 for the paring knife. Maybe that would work. Although you may end up having to give away all of your door prizes that way. :p
Apr 30, 2005
One question, one idea:

The Bingo...Do you just use regular Bingo cards and numbers for filling in the other spaces?

Instead of saying "if you brought an "uninvited" guest", I say "if you brought someone who was not personally invited by (host)" This is what I say because I give those folks a bag that says "Thanks for Popping by", that has micro. popcorn in it. (An idea from my director.) And, I give a small gift to the one who brought them.


Apr 22, 2005
memory game

I tried this game at a bridal show recently....on the round woven tray, I placed several PC gadgets and walked around the room, giving the ladies a few moments to try and memorize what PC products they saw. Using my kitchen timer, I gave them 60sec to write as many as they could remember.

Then, I called out the gadget and spoke a little something about it. I gave them 1 point for describing the tool and 2 points if they could give the PC name. note: be sure to count for the woven tray, too!

It was fun.


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Jun 14, 2005
I play a game that I call "Quick and Easy" I pass a Quikut paring knife to one of the guests. Then I explain that if they hear me say the words "quick" or "easy" they need to jump up and down, raise their hand, yell, whatever it takes to get the persons attention that has the knive and they will get it. Whoever has it at the end of my presentation gets to keep it. It is also helpful to get the guests back on track if they are not paying attention. I just stop what I am saying... and sometimes will ask if anyone heard me say the word.