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Searching for SAHMs

Mar 3, 2006
Okay, I am unmarried, childless, working nights full time and just starting with Pampered Chef. I am trying like crazy to book shows during the day Monday-Friday. I want to keep the two nights I week I have off to spend with my fiance (same with weekends during the day). But everyone I know (which isn't a lot of people since most of my friends/fam live more than 100 miles away) works 8-5 days!

I am totally comfortable talking to strangers but just don't know where to find stay-at-home-moms/dads who I think will be my customer base. I know if I can find them that will help me develop bookings, cuz now I am down to one cooking show (my mom) and like 4 half-baked catalog shows. I am DETERMINED to get my super starter bonuses!

So I know there are a lot of you who visit here...where does one find stay-at-home parents?


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Nov 17, 2005
Considering my own circumstances, I'd start looking at daycares and preschool programs. Even if a parent is a stay-at-home, they may very likely retain some sort of daycare/preschool service for the socialization of the kid and the flexibility of having the kid gone at scheduled times. :)

Another spot would be to hang around local parks and chat up the visitors, especially now that spring is right around the corner.

How about Gymboree, if you have one around you? They're probably busting with SAH-parents.

The local library with its reading programs may very well offer you another set of folk.

Those are the possibilities that come to my mind. :)


Nov 11, 2005
lunch break show

You can work with the people at work and do a lunch break show. Go into offices when a group is on their lunch break and do a 12 minute cake in either the rice cooker or batter bowl. You could even do a veggie/fruit ray or something while the cake is cooking. Show off the crinkle cutter, corer, maybe the apple wedger (they can keep it in thier desk along with the small cutting board and have an apple if they want a light snack.
Let them know you are trying to book some day shows, if they have anyone they know that works from home (ei stay at home mom/dad)
Maybe even do a mystery host thing for the show or if you have someone that is organizing and getting the word out about the lunch break show give them the benefits of hosting a show. Depending on what type of place you go, you might be able to turn it into a fundraiser.

Some people don't like having guests over to their house and entertaining but want to take advantage of the host benefits of a PC Party, this could be their opportunity.

Maybe even offer some sort of incentive for leads for other day bookings. Use the book to look and if you get the name and number of someone you can call to book a show, once that show is held the referer gets whatever they drew out of the bag.

Hopes this helps, I'm just rambling as things come to my head.


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Jul 23, 2005
you could also check and see if there are any play groups in your neighborhood. i used to be part of one and there was 6 of us in it!! the library is an awesome idea, never thought about that!!


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Feb 17, 2006
You could also look for SAHM clubs or mom's groups in general and see if you can do a family friendly cooking demo at one of their monthly meetings.


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Feb 20, 2006
Another Group

I am a member of MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support.) The majority of women are SAHMS. It is an international group and have chapters all over the world. Go to http://www.momsclub.org/welcome.html and then click LINKS on the side of the page. At the bottom you can click your state and a list of available groups come up. Even if you can't join the group - you may be able to place an ad in their monthly newsletter. In my group if you aren't a member, it's $5 a month to place an ad...but you can change that ad every month to fit the specials for that month. I do this in our newsletter and it goes to over 70 people!!

I found this group in our local Parents Guide - so try that too. You can find other groups like MOPS - Mothers of PreSchoolers too.

Hope this helps.

Mar 3, 2006

I knew the local SAH-parents had to congregate somewhere...now I know where! Thanks! :)
Have any of you had success trying to do daytime shows so you could save your evenings for the fam?

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
When I started my business it was my intention to do mainly daytime shows. I thought the demand would be huge, but didn't find much interest. Your area may be different. I would like to give it another shot after we move this summer so keep us posted on your results.:)


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Feb 17, 2006
I haven't really had much luck with day time shows unless they are on the weekends, it is darn hard to conduct a controled show with kids running around. I also found that my sales were lower. Allthough, I will say that my director has gotten in with a few seniors that live in a gated, golf type community and she has done very well with the shows in the day.

Good luck


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Oct 22, 2005

I'm a SAHM and am available through local Moms clubs listed in local Children's magazines available at the library. I don't really think you should just focus on SAH moms because they travel in the same crowds. There are only so many people at home because so many work. So one person might book a party but the thought of having yet another Mommy and Me party during the day isn't really what other people will most likely book off of. Now, if you could have a babysitter (maybe a homeschooling student so it wouldn't cost to much) available to entertain the kids - that might be of interest. Other thougths:

Fundraisers for preschools, athletic leagues

Lunch shows - again you might not get lots of day time bookings but you could get something

Couples shows - have your boyfriend go with you so that you're still seeing him but you're also working

Good luck....BEE