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Searching for a Microwave Fudge Recipe


Gold Member
Oct 23, 2005
I have a show in Febuary and the host is wanting an old recipe that she had years ago. She advised it was Fudge made in the microwave in the small bar pan. It starts with frosting and you add chocolate chips and microwave for just a bit.. let it stand and it was the best fudge she has ever had! If anyone is familiar with the recipe I would be most grateful to get a copy. Please let me know.. Thanks in advance!


Veteran Member
May 20, 2005
If you punch in fudge in the search bar you will come up with a bunch of variations of the frosting/chip fudge most of them say to put it in the EAD after mixing it and put it into paper cups for the mini muffin pan, but I think at least one says something about putting it in another pan.