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Scavenger Hunt theme....


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Nov 15, 2005
Have been tossing around the idea of having a scavenger hunt theme available in my theme binder. How does this (very preliminary) list sound?

You’ve been invited to take part in a scavenger hunt!

Bring all ten items to the party and you’ll be entered in our draw!

1) Piece of blank paper
2) Pen, red ink
3) Blue napkin or a white paper plate
4) Plastic spoon or fork
5) Your oldest wooden spoon or spatula
6) First names of 3 friends (not attending this party)
7) A plastic cup or your favourite mug
8) List of what you would do with £200 extra a month
9) Your favourite recipe written out on paper
10) A set of measuring spoons

I thought that the winner could get all the recipes (see number 9) along with the door prize (bamboo tongs, quikut knife or something)

Do you think the other things are okay? There are reasons really behind all of them, but didn't know if I've worded it correctly.


Dec 19, 2005
Cool idea

Sounds good, but what are the reasons behind everything. I could figure out some of them, but not all of them.



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Nov 15, 2005
piece of blank paper - to write down the recipe that is presented
pen - to use to write, red to make it a bit harder to complete scavenger hunt
napkin/paper plate, spoon/fork, mug or plastic cup - so the host doesn't need to do dishes afterwards
old wooden spoon or spatula to compare to our stuff
measuring spoons same reason as wooden spoon
name of three friends - they have started their own list for either their own party or first parties as a consultant
200 extra a month - gets them thinking about the opportunity
fave recipe - to give to the winner of scavenger hunt
Jan 31, 2006
scavenger hunt idea

i like that idea ! I think its neat how you combined the pampered chef products as well as the opportunity. How do you chose a winner??


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Jan 8, 2006
That is a really great idea! I think I just might look into a March party. It could be used around Easter, when we are thinking of "Hunts"