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Scams from my PWS Contact Me/Home Office pages - LOOK legit, are not!


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Sep 8, 2008
I have seen the direct emails before, and knew they were spam. But lately, in the last two months or so, I've had a few "Contact Me" emails via Pampered Chef Home office (presumably legit emails). The contacts are stating that someone found me through my PWS and want me to contact them to order product. No other info except a phone or email.

My gut reaction is "if you have my PWS info, then you can order online yourself!". These are people I do not know. I don't advertise my PWS anywhere anymore (i'm barely active...). I don't know these people. You can't find my PWS on Pampered Chef's "locate a consultant"...the only way you can find my site is if you have my name specifically.

Has anyone else had someone contact them through the PWS Contact me page and found it was a scam?

The one I received today had a phone number and an email. The phone comes up from Tampa, FL. I'm in NC. So I googled the email address. I came across this FB post from another consultant....so sending out hte warning to you guys that these crooks are smart. They have figured out how to reach us via our PWS contact pages and Home office so it looks legit. I knew it was suspicious in both cases because you can't find me on PWS without my name specifically. I don't have enough business to have my name come in an area search.

(from Kimberly Olinger's FB Page)
Consultants beware!!! I want to make my friends and consultants aware of a email SCAM I received earlier this month. My email came from [email protected] she was an elderly hearing impaired individual out of FL. Said she did not do debit or credit cards but would send a cashiers check to purchase the order. They emailed me what looked like a liget order with item numbers and costs exactly so I entered the order and sent a printed receipt to await payment. Received cashiers check but way over the amount of order asking me to deposit and I would receive info on where to deposit the additional money. I worked for Regions for five years I told them I would not launder their money. Check is not real. And will be shredded.

(Comment from Dana Valadez) Just wanted to let everyone know that this same person is still sending emails to consultants. I received an email from home office stating that a customer named Linda Leo would like to connect with me. I decided to Google the email and came across your post. Thanks for sharing.

Just sharing the warning. This was a bit newer method for me.