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Saute Pan Biscuits


Sep 5, 2005
There are several recipes floating around out there for these simple, but delicious, biscuits made in the Pampered Chef's Saute Pan (Executive or Professional line). I have tried to consolidate them here. Some of recipes have come from many different sources and I have tried to credit where I can.

This is a great second recipe to make at your Cooking Shows. Prepare these prior to guests arriving. When they arrive the biscuits will be cooking in the oven and the house will smell great! At the start of your show bring out the biscuits and show-off the Cookware - then move onto your show recipe.

I personally have made the Garlic Bites and Cinnamon Bites. They are YUMMY and I can't wait to try the other variations!
Enjoy, Linda


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Sep 7, 2005
I tried..

the cinnamon bites with out nuts and everyone loved them! Too bad they weren't impressed enough to buy cookware! :( :rolleyes: