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Salmon Party Puffs??


Veteran Member
Jun 22, 2005
Has anyone made these? They are in the Celebrate Cookbook.
I am making them for a wedding this Saturday, :eek: and have never made them before. The lady suggested small dinner rolls instead of puff pastry. that would make it easier on me, but they would be bigger than the puff pastry squares. I don't want to disappoint her when I charge her for 36 per recipe and she only get 18 or so!!
Would they be good on dinner rolls ? or would the bread be to much? where as the pastry puff is light and airy. :confused:

She is also having the New Orleans Crab Spread - on crackers
and Pecan Tassies

Thank goodness I convinced her not to have the 200 deviled eggs!
Thanks for your help - QUICK!!