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Sales Tax Question

Sep 6, 2005
A friend of mine who lives in a different state called me with an individual order. Because my state does not have sales tax, I'm NOT used to entering that in as part of a sale. Well, I put her address in the "ship to" field and transmitted the order, WITHOUT adding sales tax. I realized it way after that I neglected to add that. Does anyone know how I should fix this problem? I'm thinking HO may call me to tell me I have to do it over, but I'm not sure.


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Feb 2, 2005
The HO will probably call you to let you know the mistake, but then again, they may just send it out and assume that there is no sales tax. But they will let you know quickly if there is a problem.
Sep 6, 2005
The reason I am so concerned is because I went to my Individual Perf. Tracker on CC and while that particular sale is showing up there, it says 0.00 in the Commissionalbe Sales column. Since that is likely my last sale of the month, it put me RIGHT over the top for earning the last SS month kit. I don't want to miss out on the whole kit because of a stupid mistake on my part.


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Apr 13, 2004
check if not sure

Do not let that order get a way from you! Just call the home office with the order info. Individual order # whatever and they can tell you right away if something is wrong.
This way your can get it fixed right away as well.
Sometimes they will just atomatically do a commission adjustment to make up the difference. I sent in a show once and was actually off by 1.99 or something odd and the simply sent out the show then adjuested my commission for the difference. But in your case, call the home office to make sure as you do not want to loose that show counting.
Also, sometime the tracker is not updated right away either. I had a show there was no problem with. It showed up on the tracker but the dollar amount was not there until 2 days later. This usually happens if there is a question about the show but sometimes it just happens.
Do not go crazy about it wondering, call them. They won't mind!
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