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Sales Success thanks to this community!

Feb 14, 2006
This is just a huge Thank You to everyone on this message board for all of your support and wonderful ideas! I had 2 shows this past week, the only shows that I have scheduled for this month of March, and I have already reached and surpassed my goal of $1,250 in sales! I believe this goal was reached because of the wonderful ideas that everyone shares on this board!

The "Book-to-Look" idea is a tremendous resource that I am so grateful to have! In 2 shows, this has given me 3 bookings!!

In 1 show I tested out the "YOU'RE A WINNER" note in a catalog - I took 2 catalogs, used a Pampered Chef post-it and wrote "YOU'RE A WINNER" on each, and randomly selected a page in each catalog to stick this note! When the 1st guest at yesterday's show found her post-it, the rest of the bunch were very enthusiastically flipping through THEIR catalogs to see if THEY were winners, as well! I gave the Winners a choice between a Small Batter Bowl and 1 of the new Small Mix 'n Scrapers in the new spring colors, and these guests were ecstatic about their gifts!!!

Thanks so much everyone for all of your helpful tips! My business is growing by leaps and bounds because of all of these wonderful ideas that everyone shares!