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Sales comparison

Feb 18, 2005
I am a college student doing a project on Pampared Chef Kitchen Consultants. I need monetary figures but am having trouble finding them anywhere. If you could help me by providing me with some ball-park figures of your experiences as a Kitchen Consultant that would be great!
I would like to get your selling location; approximate dollar figures on you're sales and what portion you got to keep as revenue, and finally how many people you have recruited. Any of the above information you could provide me, or links containing similar information would be greatly appreciated!

This is a great opportunity to compare your success with your peers'!


helping out with your project

What a neat project. I have been selling Pampered Chef for about 6 years. I live in a small town in Unionville, Missouri. I have recruited about 8 people in the past and have about 4 active recruits. A consultant makes anywhere from 20%-27% based on their sales. Then you also make money off the people you recruit, a pyramid affect.
I hope this has answered your questions and good luck with your project. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Lori Ray, Independent Kitchen Consultant
[email protected]
Feb 16, 2005
Hello -

I am located in NE Iowa and have been selling for 6 years. This past year, I sold over $61K. As a director, doing consisitent sales of over $4k/month, I make 30% commission. This is NOT a pyramid - directors and above only make 3% of their recruits sales - and only if the director herself sells consistently at $1250/month. Therefore, if she is a good director, then her team will sell well - at least this is my experience. On my team, I have 25 active consultants. (those doing consistent, monthly sales)

This is a legitimate business with a company who stands behind their products 110%!

Good Luck! :)

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Thank you PamperedNat for emphasizing that it is not a pyramid scheme. The people you recruit don't work their butts off while you do nothing but cash big checks.

On the money issue...(it always comes down to the money). The best way to get ahold of it is to use per hour comparison. In November of 2004 my sales were pretty low, but I still made $22 an hour.

I moved my business last August. We moved from Leander, TX to Peoria, AZ. My sales have gotten better out here (or I'm just doing a better job host coaching).



Its Chef Lori Ray again. I guess I misspoke earlier or I just wasnt understood. The pyramid affect is what I need to make more clear of what I was trying to say. Meaning the more people you recruit the more you are making off of them. It is a well known fact that as a Future Director I am making a percent off the sales that my cluster is selling, yes I am still working and selling and so are they. But, my director and advanced director, etc is making more than me because of my cluster and everyone under them, that is what I called a pyramid. I hope I made myself more clear this time. You do not make money only off your sales, it helps with the people under you!

Thank you