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Run of Bad Luck

Sep 22, 2012
I am having a really long run of bad luck. I haven't been able to book a single party since December, I did have 1 catalog show in February with sales at $180. I'm still getting push back about having to pay the holiday debt off. I've tried everything. I've called everyone I know, even booked my own party (no one showed), asked friends and family for referrals (even offered incentives for doing so). I've offered free cooking shows. I even went to a booth, that my upline director asked me to attend since she knows how hard I've been trying to get my calendar filled and everyone I talked to turned me down and the ones that seemed interested didn't want to provide me their contact info and instead asked for mine (hopefully they'll call but I'm doubting that will happen). I've offered a surprise gift for the first couple of people who do a show for me... and all to no avail. I don't know what else to do or where else to turn for help. I'm almost to the point where I want to give up. But I'm not there just yet. I am however feeling a bit of low self esteem and a lack of motivation since all I seem to hear to "NO". I can say that though I've had a bad past few months, I did sign my first recruit at the end of February. I am hoping to remain active in March and April but it's looking like I may not make it. What has worked for you all? How do you get back in the game? Are there other things I could be doing to help my business? I don't like to fail and I don't want to give up, but I myself will not purchase $150 in products each month just to remain in an active status. Any advice will be taken... good or bad. Thank you all so much!


Novice Member
Nov 14, 2012
I couldn't read your post without responding. I want you to know that I know EXACTLY how you feel. I am a new consultant myself and it has been VERY difficult to get people to book shows. I am sorry you're having to deal with this. Its very frustrating when you work and work and work and have NOTHING to show for it. But here is my little bit of insight/advice. You're free to take it or leave it.

Entrepreneurship has run in my family for many generations. My grandfather was an insurance salesman and my father owned his own construction business. So I was taught to be a mover and shaker and go out and bring to the business to you. However, it still doesn't keep people from saying no. But just keep going. One thing my father did a lot was print up flyers ( there are a TON on here) and distribute them door to door. DO NOT put them in the mail box! That is a federal offence and you could be fined. You might also want to find out if there are any laws in your area that you may need to be aware of concerning that. I have found some success with this in the past. Have you tried talking to your neighbors, neighbors of your family members? Try doing a fundraiser with a local organization or church? You might also try pamper a business. I try and talk to every cashier, teller, waitress, or customer service agent I talk to face to face about Pampered Chef and give them a mini catalog and my business card. If they ask for a big catalog I tell them I don't have any on me but they'll give me their info I can mail it to them. That way I have their info in my contacts and I can inform them when I am having a show or let them know what the host/guest special is for the month and see if they would be interested in hosting a show or placing an order. I also tell them if its not for them to please pass on my info to anyone they think might be interested. And don't forget MEN! Men have mothers, and wives, and some men even enjoy cooking themselves. I have a couple of gentlemen that go to my church that I have given catalogs to for their mom's and other female relatives and I am hoping to get an order or show out of it.

So there. That's my $0.2. I hope it helped some. But please remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And don't give up, you don't know where that new host or customer might be. They could be right around the corner!

Mrs Net


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Nov 16, 2010
I also suggest to keep trying vendor events. I know that many of them don't give much, but some do and it can only take one person or one show booked from an event to get you back in the game. Have recipe cards with your contact info and ask everyone who walks by you if they would like a free recipe, if they say yes and stand in front of you and look at it or your table, ask if they are familiar with PC...if no give your commercial, if yes, ask what their favorite product is and then guide them to a similar or new product on your table. Let them know what the special this month is and ask if they would like to be on your ONCE a month e-newsletter to at least get their contact info.

I had a couple TERRIBLE vendor events around Christmas and thought I would be done with them, but I am not getting enough bookings so I signed up to do a few mom2mom sales (these are big in Michigan, lots of moms get together, usually put together by PTOs or Churches, and we pay $15-$30 to rent a table at the sale and people sell their baby/kid clothes or items.) I NEVER expect sales from these events...people are coming to get great deals on clothes and toys fro their kids, but I always have chips made and give out recipe cards and mini catalogs and usually get some contacts. The one I did on Saturday got me 2 cooking shows and 2 catalogs.

Don't give up!
Sep 22, 2012
Thanks Ladies! I am currently planning a get together with my friend who is a Scentsy Consultant and another friend who is a Papparazzi Consultant to do an open house. All of us are having the same problem getting bookings. So this may be a way for us to get some parties.