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Rice Cooker

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Pampered Princess

Hi Everyone,
I am looking for some recipes that can be done in the rice cooker. I know that there is a cake recipe but I am unable to locate it. :eek:



cake recipe

Just use a box cake mix and make according to the directions on the box. Add 3 medium scoops of frosting to the top of the mixture and put in the microwave for about 9 minutes. The best cake is devil's food with chocolate frosting.

It is awesome.



Oct 22, 2005
It is an awesome recipe!

I actually demo'd it at a show and got raves because everyone was saying "A cake in 9 minutes? No WAY!" and then when it worked three people bought a rice cooker just by seeing that! Strange, but true.

And it is sooo yummy! You'll love it!
Nov 23, 2005
Here is what I have in my files: HTH! :D

Microwave Cake in the Rice Cooker Plus​
1. Start with a box cake mix, any flavor (Chocolate to make Chocolate Lava Cake, etc)
2. In the Rice Cooker Plus, put the cake mix, and all the ingredients listed on the box to make the cake. Using the whisk, mix it well.
3. Add 4-6 scoops of prepared canned icing using the Medium Scoop (more icing will make it gooier).
4. Put the lids on, and cook in the microwave for 9 minutes.
5. Carefully remove lids, put a dinner plate over the top and flip! Depending on the cake mix used (white or yellow) you might need dress it up with some nuts, grated chocolate or coconut (only for appearance sake, since the cake will not brown)
6. Great served hot, with ice cream or whipped topping.
7. Makes approximately 12 servings.