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Rice Cooker Plus


May 19, 2005
I really like the Rice Cooker Plus but would love some other ideas for using it.
(Besides rice, potato & veggies)


Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
It is great for anything that would normally boil over when cooked in the microwave (starches). I use it for grits (love my grits!) and oatmeal.
Jun 30, 2005
The rice cooker plus is great for storing veggies in the fridge. I had cut up some cauliflower and cucumbers for a veggie tray on Sunday and on the following Wednesday (okay so I don't eat the recommended 5 a day) they were still fresh! I was so dreading opening the RCP because I just knew the veggies were going to be rotten and stink, but they were just as fresh as 10 days before. There were no brown spots on the cauliflower and the cukes were still crispy. I also microwave my bake potatoes in the RCP-spray with a little Pam, sprinkle with PC Italian seasoning and microwave. My husband also takes leftovers inthe RCP. He likes the handle-easy to transport and fast to reheat and eat.