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Rice Cooker & Brown Rice

Carol Waggoner

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May 4, 2005
Hi everyone- I've had wonderful success with the rice cooker and white rice, however tonite for dinner I made brown rice and although followed directions it was undercooked. :(
Anyone with advice/ same experience? I don't want to promote this to cook both kinds at shows if it won't work as great. Am I doing something wrong?


Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Brown Rice

I think it was in our Consultant Newsletter about brown rice. Yes, we can cook both in the rice cooker, but because brown rice still has that bran on the outside it will take longer to cook. Brown rice has a jacket of bran on making it healthier, but the jacket makes it require more cooking time.

Don't fret about it. Just keep experimenting with it, you'll get it worked out. :)


Mar 26, 2005
Have to cook it longer

I also remembered seeing it in the KCN (March issue), and they do have a tip on cooking brown rice in the Rice Cooker. I don't know if you had already tried this, but it basically states that if there are no instructions on the package, then follow the instructions that come with the cooker but...

Instead of 15 min. at 50% power, 25-30 minutes will be needed.

Hope this helps~
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