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Pampered Chef: Fundraiser Reunion fundraiser shipping?

  1. :confused: Is the best way to handle a reunion fundraiser to charge everyone direct shipping? Some people complain about the prices, I didn't know if anyone had any ideas. I thought about submitting each classmate's orders as one big order and then shipping it direct to them (only collecting 4.00 from individual orders). For example, Jane from FL collects orders and submits then for the FR, and so does Doug from CA. Each of them would then have all of the orders they collected shipped in one large order to their house. Then they would have to distribute everything, like a regular host would. But the problem comes in when it comes to receipts. Do I just send everyone a copy of the big receipt? Does it have to be the original purchaser listed on the receipt? How do gifts work, do they just need the receipt from who bought it? If I do direct shipping I think it would be simpler, all they have to do is collect orders and turn them in and they are done. No distribution or sorting, less headache I think, which makes a GREAT selling point. Does anyone out there get a lot of complaints about our direct shipping rates? I think they are really fair, but I am worried about the people that order less than $20 and still have to pay the $6 shipping. Help! I am trying to get this together before I talk to a lady about her upcoming fundraiser!
  2. KirstenAnne

    KirstenAnne Member Silver Member

    What a great idea. A reunion fundraiser. You could if you have the class list send out your website info and have them order now and ship to your house and you deliver to reunion. And then take orders at reunion for those you missed and unfortunately they would have to pay the extra shipping.
    Mar 7, 2006
  3. The problem is that

    they need the money from the fundraiser to pay for the reunion. So it needs to be done in advance. I could still do it that way, but then everyone would be waiting on their stuff for a while, and they might get a little grouchy.
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