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Pampered Chef: Replacement Parts

  1. pcgrammy

    pcgrammy Guest

    I am looking for a replacement connector ring for my Easy Accent Decorator. I went to the PC website but found nothing there about purchasing replacement parts. Thx!
    Jan 10, 2005
  2. PC4Sharon

    PC4Sharon Novice Member

    Replacement parts can only be ordered through a consultant. If possible, you should try to contact the consultant you had purchased the Easy Accent Decorator from to order the replacement ring.

    If you are a consultant, you can order it through PamperedPartner.

    Jan 10, 2005
  3. pcgrammy

    pcgrammy Guest

    Important Info re Replacement Part

    Thanks for the info - I ordered the PC ring from my rep, but it turns out my unit is a 1775 model and the improved version is a 1778 model. I generally love PC products but shame on Pampered Chef for 'improving' an item by not only making the ring wider and threaded differently, but also by making the filler barrel just a tad bigger so that the replacement ring won't fit on the 1775. Not a good experience. I won't buy another EAD even if they improve it 20 times, but you can bet I will remember this experience every time I use the EAD and see the taped up ring.

    Jan 19, 2005
  4. Mine Broke, TOO!

    I know, I tried to tape mine up, also, but instead of buying a new one, I have earned it by becoming a PC Consultant! I really only called to get a replacement, and four months later, Im loving it!

    Try it!
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