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Remember The Ribbon Purse?


Senior Member
Feb 18, 2005
Hey all,

Remember the ribbon purse everyone (okay a lot of people) purchased from Merrill a few years ago? Also, remember how they all broke, tore, etc.?

Well, I found a great replacement. I worked a 4-H booth this past week. The lady next to me was selling purses and her company made one that the ribbons could fit in:D!! The quality is so much better then the Merrill ones and they have a 3 year guarantee on the zipper! It was a lot more money then the Merrill one, but I bought one from her and while carrying it the first night I got a customer! She wants me to send her a catalog! Hopefully it will pay off;)!

If anyone is interested in getting one for themselves, let me know. I'll try to take a picture sometime this week and get it posted.