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Registry questions


Oct 18, 2005
It looks like I'm going to get my first registry from a co-worker, but she threw me a curve ball. "Returns".

I checked the CC and they say it's similar to returns found in the Recipe to Success. I looked, and they only talk about Refunds. Help!

I assume if they get a gift at a shower that is on their registry, they can return it using the show number. But does it have to be within 30 days of the show? Does this adjust their "show" total for FPV, half priced items, etc? And do they get cash back for the returned items? Are there any restrictions to the returns? :confused:

Any comments will be greatly appreciated, as this is her deciding point....

Thanks ~


Gold Member
Jan 26, 2006
She will be able to do returns just like any other show. Basically, if something arrives broken, she can return it for a new one. If she gets something that she isn't happy with, she can exchange it. If she just wants to return something, she can do so. I assume it would be credited back to the purchasers credit card, so she can't just get tons of product from guests and from our generous program and return it all for cash!!!

Everything can be returned within 1 year, because everything has a one year warranty!! The 30 day return is for PC to pay to have it picked up!! I would guess that the 30 days would start when she recieves the product. If she just returns, it would affect her total because we can't give someone free stuff for returning something to get the cash!

Hope that helps! Anyone can correct me if I am wrong on these assumptions, after all I do know what they say about assuming!!