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Registry lead???


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Nov 6, 2007
This week I received a "save the date" card for my second cousin, who is getting married at the end of September.

Her mother (my first cousin) is really nice and we were kind of close when I was growing up, but we kind of lost touch over the past decade or so, after she and her husband moved to Arizona. Their 2 children grew up in Arizona and their daughter (the bride) went to college in Ohio. I regret that I haven't gotten to know her as well as I could have, but I understand her being a busy college student. I was unable to attend the family gathering when her groom was introduced to the large, extended family. So although she knows who I am, we aren't close by any means.

Would it be out of line to drop her a line, congratulating her on her engagement and letting her know the benefits of a PC bridal registry? Or would it be better to drop a note to her mom? I realize she's probably already registered, but this would give her friends in Arizona and family that is far away a place to purchase gifts for them easily. (The groom is from Ohio as is most of the family, and her mom, who does recruiting for a college, travels through Ohio frequently.)


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Jun 1, 2007
I think you should definitely send her a note. Remind her or tell her that you are with PC, and even send a registry brochure with it, and perhaps a catalog so she'll have an idea of all the wonderful stuff we have and the benefits she'll receive!