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Registry and Shower Question


Mar 29, 2005
Can gift registries count as catalog shows for bookings? Or does someone only get credit for a booking if a bridal shower is actually held? I tried looking in the Gift Registry Tutorial and the Hostess Coaching pdf file, but didn't find an answer. I have a host who is a bridal consultant, and is going to have a client register and want to make sure I get it entered appropriately in the paperwork.


Paula in TN


Apr 22, 2005
I just did my first Pampered Bride show and had the bride set up her Gift Registry. Unfortunately, b/c whenever someone purchases through the online gift registry, it is considered an Individual order for our commission....which means that I couldn't get it included in the Pampered Bride show to help with benefits based on sales. I am thinking that the same holds true if your host is a catalog show host.

I emailed Field Services and they said that if the guests contacted you, the consultant, directly and then you update the gift registry, then it could be managed through a catalog/Pampered Bride show (where the sales would support the benefits).