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Red Hat Group Show


Jul 13, 2005
Has anyone ever done a show for a red hat group? If so, I would like to know what you did.


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006

I have never done a red hat society show but here is what I would do if I had the chance:
They love tea parties so I would encourage you titile it something like this:
Required attire - RED HAT for women over 50 Pink hat for those under 50!!
Demonstrate one tasty wrap recipe and have one cookie dessert recipe. They will love it. Also have some fun games for them. After all FUN is what they are all about. Here are some suggestions for recipes:

Classic Deli wraps (many variations)
All Occasion cookies
chocolate almond shortbread
Hope this helps.


Jul 18, 2005
Not to judge but...

I have always found that the 'older' ladies seem to 'have everything' or too much in their kitchen that they have accumulated over the years. Since this show would be geared toward them how would you over come this 'excuse'? I would love to do a show for two of my aunts with this theme I would just be concerned about that obstacle.


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Jan 17, 2006
Be creative!

It's true that older ladies have almost everything they need in their kitchen but Pampered Chef comes out with so many neat gadgets that they probably don't have them. In my experience they have stuff in their kitchen that their mothers had and new things really are interesting to them (many grandmothers have told me this, especially mine).
I would really try to focus on new items, even stoneware (I had an older lady tell me that the stoneware is better than her aluminum pans she was use to), food chopper, ultimate slice n grate, knives, and our new measuring cups. These things sell well with the older crowd since they appreciate saving time and money not having to buy the cheap imitation gadgets.
It works to our advantage if younger women are there, many times an older woman will say how she bought 3 of these or 4 of those before she actually got a PC item and it worked perfectly for her.
Also you can make this a young and old show. Older women bring daughters, daughter in laws, younger sisters, etc and have them suggest what tools are essential and necessary.
A fundraiser might be fun. They don't necessarily need big funds to have their parties, go out to a restaurant or help each other when sickness arises, so a fundrasier might be fun and give them more of an incentive to buy. Just a thought. BE CREATIVE!!!

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Out here in AZ we have a large retired community as well as snow birds. They order quite a bit from my ad in the paper. Sometimes they are buying for their daughters and daughter-in-laws. Sometimes they are buying because they spent time at the daughter's house and saw our amazing tools.

Don't prejudge this crowd. Some of them have quite a substantial bit of playing around money. They RV arcross the country and sometimes have 2 or 3 homes. So they buy in multiples. I think The Pampered Chef is starting to realize that with some of the newer products that have been coming out i.e. the Small Round Stone (lighter and smaller), the Cooking for 2 section in the Stoneware Inspirations cookbook, and smaller sizes of some of the tools (the mini whisk etc.).


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Jun 29, 2005
And don't forget to serve our tea out of the Carafe. Maybe you could spoil the hostess by letting her drink out of one of the new Coffee & More cups and let her eat her cookies and whatever else off one of the dessert plates or the small SA plates.