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Recyclable Host Packet

Aug 15, 2005
I was listening to a tape about host coaching and she was talking about a host packet that she recycles and refills with the things that the previous host used. Does anyone else you them? How exactly do they work? What do you put in them and set it up? Any expamples would be greatly appreciated.

Jessica Naugle


Jul 12, 2005
I used to use recycleable host packets. I took a 1" binder, and put clear sleeves in it. In the sleeves, I put a letter to my hostess, tips on having a $1000 show, a flyer on who to invite, and tips on adding up orders. I'd also have a sleeve with the host and guest special. In the pockets, I'd put catalogs, outside order forms, invitations, and information on the opportunity.

These were nice when I got started, because I could recycle them. However, they are more expensive to mail to hosts, and heavier to lug to shows. I've also had a few that haven't been returned. I have found that by making my host packets in the 10 cent pocket folders, it's cheaper and easier for me to have them on hand. I made all my folders up before this selling season, and they are done! All I have to do is mail my hosts the host and guest specials when I mail the invitations to her guests. But everyone does it different!


Aug 24, 2005
I'm a fan of the paper folders, too. The binders, in my opinion, make hosting look like a big job. That's good for getting the host to take it seriously, but my personality would make me just not want to start going through it, if I were in the host's position.

I put outside order forms and 3 or 4 catalogs on the right side, and the host special/guest special flyer and 40 guests in 4 minutes on the right side with my business card. If you have them send their own invitations, then a packet of invitations goes in, too. What I prefer to do, though, is to email them a label template to fill out with their addresses, and then they do the 40 guests/4 minutes and email the template back to me, filled in. (I get them to put phone numbers, too, and just print it out the first time on plain paper, then go back and delete the phone number and print out on labels. Then I can call to introduce myself the day before the party.)


Jul 6, 2005
Iam a plastic folder girl !

LOL ! I like them ! I bought a ton at staples on clearence for 50 cents each !! I had a whole box of the clear sleeves left from my fiance when he was in school. I have 3 catalogs on one side with the show planner , 50 guests in 5 min, in the sleeves front page i have a thank to my hostess letter, explaining everything, also a how to add up outside orders , and of course the guest special and host special and outside order forms. When i get to the hostess house i ask her for the folder before the show and then i leave her with a catalog and some order forms.Just incase she has anymore outside orders !It works out good !


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Jun 20, 2005
Plastic 3-prong folders w/ 2-pockets are the BEST!!

The plastic 3-prong folders w/ 2-pockets work the best!! I also tape a business card to the front of the folder so my info is always easy to find. In the prongs I put 4 clear sleeves. In these I put the weekly To-Do List, and the 50 guests in 5 mins, printed front to back. Then the show planner, which I have torn in two and placed in 2 separate sleeves. Then I include the Monthly specials, printed front and back to save paper. In the front pocket is 3 catalogs and the back pocket is 5 outside order forms. I have the clear Pampered Chef sticker on the front. On the back pocket I have the Successful show sticker. The one about 5+15+5=Success! I put it all in the 10X13 folder with the invites and mail. It costs me around $2 to mail as long as I print BOUND PRINTED MATERIAL on the outside of the envelope!


Not sure what is best

I started out using the 1" binder for my kitchen show hosts and folders for my catalog show hosts. However, the binders are heavy to carry around and more expensive, so I switched to using the folders for everything. Now my problem is not getting them back, I've had several who booked at a previous show and then switched to a catalog show instead of kitchen. The materials are fine for either, but I'm out my folder and my plastic inserts. So I think I am just going to do folders w/o inserts. I'm also going to begin mailing my hosts' invitations for them. I am hoping this will decrease the switching and cancelling that I've been experiencing.


Manila File Folder

I use a manila file folder and starting from the bottom of the pile I put:
-1 tax schedule to help them figure out the tax
-2-3 catalogs with 10 outside order forms and I give them permission to copy the order form if need be.
-"let's date again flyer" with the next two months specials-promotes bookings: if they get 6 bookings they receive a quick-stir pitcher free
-The opportunity promotion with brochures
-The current Host/Guest flyer
-Benefits flyer showing the half-priced items in color
-"Dates to remember" refrigerator post card
-"Dates to remember" stickers to place in ther date book or on wall calendar
-Refrigerator magnet buisness card

All of this is tucked into the purple kitchen show planner, then into the manila folder, and stuffed into a 10x13 envelope. Most of the time I don't have to mail these out, I give them to the host on the spot.

I buy the manila folder for $5 for 100 at office depot and the envelope I lucked out at GTM (Costco Werehouse) $12 for 250. I also buy my paper in bulk 5 reams for $20.00 at Office depot or at Costco for a little less than that. I invested in a all-in-one printer and since it is geared towards office use, I don't have to buy ink as often as I used to. If that makes sense.


Aug 24, 2005
I would love to have these files

I would love to have these files in word format, if possible.

The 50 in 5 min. That sounds great. I have alot of trouble with people writing on my folders and not returning them as well. Even when you put friendly notes in the host packets. ;)


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Jul 31, 2005
tpchefrebecca said:
-1 tax schedule to help them figure out the tax

-"let's date again flyer" with the next two months specials-promotes bookings: if they get 6 bookings they receive a quick-stir pitcher free

What kind of tax schedule?

Have you found that the 6 bookings usually pan out? I love the free quick stir pitcher idea (How much are those?)

Which kind of printer do you have? We have a color ink jet HP one - but it does run out of ink frequently... I think it's time to upgrade!
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The tax Schedule is the tax already figured out for them. Here in San Diego it is 7.75%. Most people don't want to do this on their own. I will ask my director where she got it. You might want to try and search on google. They seem to have everything.

The "let's make a date" is a flyer idea that my upline director gave us. I re-worded it to fit my budget. When the host gets six bookings she gets the quick-stir pitcher, which is my husbands current favorite PC item. It costs $12.50 for the 2-qt. I am thinking of something smaller but efficient to those who get at least three bookings. Maybe free shipping on one or two of the shows booked from them? I have received more bookings, but only when I don't mention it. :rolleyes: Weird??

My printer is a Dell all-in-one. I like it but it is tempermental. I get at least 400 copies out of it. A mix of b/w and color. The only downfall is I have to order the ink online. I would have preferred an HP all-in-one but this was a gift from my husband last christmas. He just loves PC products ;) I do go to office depot and get my mass production copies done there, plus you get 15% off when sign up for their advantange card.


UPDATE on tax guide (schedule)

Lauren had found a list of tax guides. Go to Quick tips and click on tax guide.

Thanks again Lauren!


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Feb 14, 2005
I have a dell all in one printer and I get my cartridges at Office depot. It is just the store brand but it has worked fine and I did not have to pay shipping.


here is the one for California. I just went to search and typed tax schedule for california.


  • CA tax rate guide.pdf
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Oct 17, 2005
I bought 6 plastic folders when I first started 2 months ago thinking "6 will be plenty!" Yeah right. Having had 14 shows in my first 2 months, 6 was no where near enough! But anyway, I put labels on my folders that say, "Please return this folder and any unused materials to me. Thanks, Sheila" and have gotten all unused stuff back with no problems. I think the label helps people realize everything costs us money. I even put the label on the 10x13 envelopes, and that way I get back more catalogs and things.
Dec 21, 2005
Reusable host packets

I use reusable packets. I have plastic envelopes that I bought at the dollar store and put everything the host needs in the packet. I do a one on one with my hosts for the first call and then the second and third one I use the phone. On the last one the day before the show I call her and get the directions to her house and ask her if there is anything that she would like me to pick up on my way to the show, (i.e. paper plate, ice, drinking cups, sometimes they get forgot). This works for me and I retrieve everything except a catalog, order forms and the plastic envelope as that is what the hostess mails back to me when we close her show out with the checks in it.

Dee :)


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Sep 20, 2005
Yes, but be careful what you download from this net. This California Tax Schedule is dated July 1991 - YIKES! Talk about outdated.

Well, this is a thread from 2005....so probably most everything is outdated - including the stuff w/ host benefits.:rolleyes: