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Recruiting Slump


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Apr 14, 2004
Whenever I get into a recruiting slump I try to refocus on the 3 aspects of recruiting covered in Step Up. We need to Inform, Invite and Interview. So many times when I get into a slump and I start analyzing what I'm doing I realize I'm only doing 1 part, the informing. Without the other 2 we don't get signed agreements!

The Inviting part means we need to find the recruiting lead's heart tug. What is it that THEY need from this, not "why do I need them to sign up!" If we're sincere in how this business can help another person we'll find the recruits.

The other piece is this: if we recruit sporadically we'll find good business-minded people sporadically. BUT if we recruit a bunch the likelihood of find a more concentrated amount of workers increases.

What can I change once I have these recruits? I CAN affect their success by encouraging them to sign their first recruit in their first 30 days. This we CAN somewhat control by teaching recruiting early on. I'm even considering going to my recruits' first show with the goal of finding them secured bookings AND their first recruit. Just imagine what doing this will do for your team! Yes, we'll still have plenty of people that just play around with the business, but we're also more likely to catch more big fish since our net has gotten bigger!

I think as soon as we let ourselves get frustrated by recruiting we won't be able to recruit. Recruiting requires passion for the business. If we don't have that it comes across however subtle.

To generate more interest at shows I'm using a little game Jennifer Stevens uses at her shows. Keep in mind I NEVER play games at my shows! I set the clock timer for 2 minutes and have the guests pass a sink fizz around while asking me questions about my job. The first time I did it last week I was really scared they wouldn't ask anything, but they did! And the questions kept coming after the timer went off! Whoever is holding the sink fizz gets to keep it at the end. I've already signed 3 people since Conf. 3 and hope for 1 more tomorrow!

Julie Gizzi