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Pampered Chef: Recruiting "packets"?

  1. chefmelody

    chefmelody Member

    Reading through the forum, I've noticed several of you mentioning a recruiting "packet" that you hand to potential recruits. What do you include in that, aside from the SS flyer and the recruiting flyer available from our supplies? Am I missing something that will help me?
    Feb 23, 2006
  2. fruit76loop

    fruit76loop Veteran Member Gold Member

    I include...

    the company info you referred to
    Special flyers (if there is a special- such as Cookware now)
    a catalog
    a personalized letter from me
    a flyer "our apron comes in 5 different sizes"
    a "most frequently asked questions" flyer
    copies of my paychecks (my first paycheck, my highest month and my first Director paycheck) :D -I always let the potential know that these are for their spouse to see

    I have attached the letter and the flyers I use! Feel free to use them!

    I have heard of people only giving a catalog to a possible team member, because everything they need to know is in the catalog.

    Also I have heard of people giving a Season's Best with a flyer and a copy of their paycheck.

    Whatever you hand out, the most important thing is to follow up...yes FOLLOW UP! If you don't follow up within 24 to 48 hours than you just wasted your time and money making that packet!

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    Feb 23, 2006
  3. afshea

    afshea Member

    What I include

    I don't give out a full packet initially. If someone expresses interest at a show, I will give them the SS flyer. I think the other one is basically fluff. When I follow up and they want MORE info, I will put a packet together and schedule a time to chat. I use cheapie folder with a few clear inserts. Front pocket...catalog. Inserts: Success Starts Here flyer, five apron thingy and current recruiting promotion if any. In the back pocket is a welcome booklet, a past copy of Kitchen Consultant News and a contract. I go through this folder in conjunction with the "official" PC recruiting pages. You don't want to overwhelm them, but I do like showing them the consultant news and Welcome booklet so they can see that the company really supports their consultants!
    Feb 23, 2006
  4. snugbug

    snugbug Novice Member

    Thanks for linking those files. That definitely helped me. I have several recruits from this month and several pending for next month and now I know how I can follow up with them other than just calling.

    Feb 27, 2006
  5. Recruiting Pack

    I just started actively recruiting in January and got ahold of the "Take 5" pack at our Cluster Meeting. Take 5 is a candy bar that goes along with my talk about recruiting. I first tell them about the 4 different types of consultants and then say "I invite you to Take 5 minutes to read a little about having your own business".

    I probably give out way too much info. They really should be getting vague info so you can have the face-to-face appointment and they make an informed decision.

    Inside the clear plastic Pampered Chef catalog bag:
    1) Catalog (has a lot of info in it)
    2) Imagine More brochure (blue/white cover)
    3) Apron Sale (1/2 slip of paper inside Imagine More brochure showing 4 types of Consultants)
    4) Recruiting gift Flyer on colored paper and the
    Need More Cash Info on the other side.
    5) Take 5 Candy Bar

    Most important is the follow up call. Make the appointment right then and there. When you do call, ask when they want to meet and talk about the paperwork. Nothing else.

    I've handed out 5 and have 3 potential recruits (2 who contacted me if you can believe that). I think once they realize they don't have to do this full time they feel more at ease.
    Mar 6, 2006
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