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Pampered Chef: Director Recruiting Packet

  1. Brenchryst

    Brenchryst Gold Member

    I realized that I never had a good "recruting packet", or resources to hand out at my show. Here is what I came up with... but... being new to this, I was wondering if you guys had any other ideas, or input - thanks!

    Recruiting Packet:
    New Consultant Reward Brochure
    Come Join Us
    “PC isn’t for everyone…” flyer
    Apron Options flyer
    New Consultant Recipes
    Kit Coupon
    Feb 10, 2009
  2. Seems like overkill to me. Keep it simple and duplicatible.

    My recruit leads at shows take home their catalog and a Come Join Us with a phone appointment time written on the front. That's it. The rest can come later.
    Feb 10, 2009
  3. mrssyvo

    mrssyvo Veteran Member

    Deb, I am with you- I put a label on the front that says, I look forward to talking with you. Our appointment is________________ .

    I find this so much better than the packet I used before. I realized before, when I gave them more info, I was still throwing up on them, just not with words !!!!
    Feb 10, 2009
  4. baychef

    baychef Senior Member Silver Member

    I am going to go over this tonight in my 3rd class of step up. Great point! I am trying to get through to everyone (including myself) that attending these classes, doing on line training, etc. is all very good, but having conversations and getting past the jitters is going to grow their teams!

    I made up a stupid little thing I am going to give them.


    Fake it or FAY COT!!
    Feb 10, 2009
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