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Recruiting bonus for signing on in Oct1

Oct 30, 2005
Does anyone have anything showing what the sign on bonus was in Oct? I have received my SS bonus each month but, I thought when I qualified that I would have received the bamboo cutting board set. I have sent 3 emails to the home office and no response and I asked my director and she said to call them. I hate the long hold time when calling HO.
I was just hoping that someone had an old flyer.

Thanks and I love this site.
Feb 22, 2005
Here you go. Be sure that you met all the requirements and you should be good to go. Home office should have sent it to you automatically if you qualified. I would try to call them if this flyer still does not answer your question. I think with the busy holiday season, e-mails are a little slow to get answered.

Good Luck!!


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