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Recruiting Aces Activity


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Apr 14, 2004
This is in response to the Deck of Cards Recruiting Request and Super Bowl Ideas on the #1 Directors Digest and what I had on file.

The Deck of cards Idea is great to use at a sales meeting. I have used a deck of cards with pictures from the Leadership city or from the place I have just been visiting, (Thanks to Pampered Chef) and pass those out at the sales meeting. I also keep the Jokers in the deck because they are the "Kit Nappers!"

Think of your recruits as face cards and aces in a deck of cards. They are all of your recruits. As you turn each card face up in the deck, an ace will not come up very often. You will get face cards but there are only 4 aces in the whole deck. A queen might be a recruit who signs but never qualifies or a king might be a recruit who does not hostess coach so her sales are low and she gets discouraged and quits. You do not have an ace in your hand yet, are you discouraged? Probably yes, but are you going to quit playing? If you do, the very next card could have been an ace! Don't quit, keep playing!

Aces are focused and self starters! They will succeed in spite of you or anyone else. You are probably an ace also and others will turn up if you just don't quit! Aces will probably be directors!

J,Q, and Ks are your other recruits. They need your help and direction. Some of them might develop into Aces. Show them the big picture, find out their goals, offer training and encouragement but don't want it for them more than they want it for themselves. Help those who help themselves. Spend your time wisely and develop ACES.

Just keep playing and don't quit turning up those cards. Only 20% of your business comes from 80% of your people. It is the other 20% (the aces) who are going to be successful. That is only 2 out of 10. Where do you find that 20% - by recruiting all 10!

I have demonstrated this at a recruiting workshop. have someone come up and start turning the cards up one at a time. When a face card comes up, say "Congratulations, you have just signed a recruit - but she never did qualify!!!! Disappointed ? Yes! Discouraged? Yes. Are you going to quit or do you want to continue to play? If she continues, turn up another card. Keep going until she gets an ace. Count how many cards it took and how many recruits ( face cards) it took until she recruited an Ace (a director) If she gets an ace at the very beginning - say, WOW, your first recruit and she is really a go getter!!!! You are off to a great start, are you excited? Yes! Do you want to continue to play, do you want another card? Then continue with the face cards and etc.

Tricia Collis