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Recruiter Problems


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Apr 10, 2006
Hi everyone,

I've been having problems with my recruiter recently and it's really bringing me down. I've been a consultant since November and we used to be good friends, we would share ideas, and encourage each other. However I recently found out that about 90% of her sales were coming from her buying inventory, now she has two of everything and no bookings. The bad thing is she wants me to run my business the same way. She also is very unsupportive of my goals. When I told her that I wanted to promote to Future Director by the end of the year she laughed and said "Good Luck" quite sarcastically. I feel bad because I've tried to encourage her, and I asked her do you talk about bookings during your host coaching calls...her response was I don't make those calls.
I value this friendship but I feel like I can't talk to her about the business anymore, and all she ever wants to do is complain about having no shows, and make fun of our director who I really admire. I'm hoping someone has some advice. Thanks for letting me vent!
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Jan 19, 2005
Since you have so much respect for your Director, I suggest working with her regarding goals. She will be very excited for you when you tell her you would like to be a Future Director. I am guessing she would love to help you get there!

Everyone runs their business differently so you can share with your friend that you respect the way she wants to run her business, you would just like to take a different approach. Who knows, when you are successful, she might be ready to try something different and the two of you might be able to share ideas again.

Good luck!


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Feb 17, 2006
Well...I would say that she should start making those calls or be fine with no shows! I would speak frankly with your director and let her know what your goals are, she should be very supportive as it helps her business too. If your friend/recruiter is happy with having two of everything then so be it, but the great thing about PC is that you run your business your way. You do what you feel is right.


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Jan 17, 2006
Do what is best for you

Unfortunately business and friendship don't always mix. Sometimes what works for one person will not work for another, no matter how close they are.
This is your business and it's important to do what works for you, even is she doesn't think it's a good idea, or if she doesn't agree.
Your goals are so important because they will provide the drive, encouragement, and passion for this business.
It's actually quite rude to sarcastically respond with a "Good luck!", as if you couldn't possibly achieve them because she can't!
Do your best, talk to your director, and keep up the good work. In time with your success she will see that you are doing the right things for your business and if she can be humbled, maybe she might be asking you for some pointers!!
Good luck and don't think anything is impossible with this business. Just work hard and have fun!!!