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Recipes from Celebrations


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Apr 13, 2004
Something fun I found and it was a great way to not waste all the Old Celebrations show recipe cards, Simply place a regular mailing label in one of the coners that will not obscure the picture of the recipe.
Use a catchy little phrase like "Does your kitchen or wallet need a face lift? Let me show you how a crescent roll can do that for you!" with my name and phone number and e-mail address.
I put this on the old Chessy Spinach Pinwheel recipe cards and handed them out at a fair. Or, I also had some leftover Fast Family Fajitas. "Are you chicken to go into your fridge, has your checkbook laid an egg? Let me show you how to fix those problems!" Note also that I used both a hosting and a recruiting idea.
Just use your imagination. With all the recipes we have available, there is something catchy to use with each one.