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Recipe to Prepare for Bridal Shower


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Jan 4, 2005
What do you usually prepare? The host is ordering a cake. She wants me to demo a ring or pizza. This is a young bride with all young girls attending who want to learn to cook! I'm excited. I'm thinking the Chicken Broccoli Ring or maybe the taco ring. What do you think? The host said something easy that would appeal to men! Two more girls attending are getting married too, so I want to make a good impression and sign them all up for my registry!


Aug 20, 2005
what I did

I had a bridal show last month (my first one) and what I did was...I made the Clubhouse Chicken Squares (in All the Best) ahead of time and took it to the show and then demo'ed the Tex Mex Chicken Melts. (of course I made the canape bread ahead as well). It turned out great. The Chicken Melts were a quick demo so that we could concentrate more on the bride. And they had a cake on hand as well.
Good luck with whatever you decide! :D