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Recipe HELP!

Apr 27, 2005
Hi Everyone,

I am still pretty new to PC and I need some serious recipe help. I have a show tomorrow and of course my Host chose a recipe I have never tried before because they didn't like the choices I gave them. Now to make it worse they only decided yesterday! I am making the Italian Stuffed Calzone and I decided ok I'll make it, but I have to try it at home first. What a disaster! I followed the recipe as directed except I didn't trim the excess dough. I feel that even if I did it would still seem like way to much dough. It also seemed difficult to put the top layer of dough on top and make it look right. Has anyone ever made this and had it come out like the picture? Did you make adjustments? I don't want to appear like a dummy, but HELP ME PLEASE! :(

Thank you in advance


Jun 6, 2005
I made it when it first came out and did it for my open house. I don't usually modify anything. It did have a thick crust on the ends and I think it looked almost like the piture. I remember making one and not pressing the seems well and it leaked in my oven. Sorry no magic words on this, but I do follow directions and it worked for me on that one.


Jul 12, 2005
Hi Darla,
I make the Cheeseburger Calzone alot, and instead of trimming the dough, I just form it into a circle on the stone. After the stuffing is on, I unroll the second dough right on top, and again just form it to a circle. You can even out the edges by working with the dough, and it will be thicker on the ends, but still tastes great!

Important: DO NOT take the dough out of the refridgerator until you absolutely need it. I take a second to go back to the refridgerator to get the top dough once the filling is done.

Happy Cooking!


Advanced Member
Nov 24, 2004
Calzone Dough

I do the calzones quite frequently. I do not trim the dough, I round the bottom one on the stone prior to guests arrival. The top one...depending on my mood, I either unroll directly on top of the filling and pull/stretch with fingers...or I'll use the Baker's Mat & Roller (to show off the two products), then flip it onto the top and pinch seams together. Mine turn out very pretty and is always devoured. (Not to pat myself on the back :) )

When I arrive at a guests house, I put the dough (crossaints too) in the freezer for 10-15 minutes, then back in the fridge. Colder dough is easier to work with. DON'T do what I've done and forgotten about it and left it in the freezer. Colder dough may be easy to work with...Frozen dough is not! ;)
Also, the "reduced fat" kind is more gooey. Turns out the same, but isn't as user friendly to the consultant or the bakers roller.