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Recipe for Bridal shower


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Nov 9, 2005
I am planning on making the green chile frittata. With the number of RSVP's we will need to make 2. Does anyone know if this can possibly be baked in one of the pieces of stoneware?? Say by chance the rectangle baker?? I only have 1 skillet. Thanks in advance!
Feb 26, 2006
green chile frittata.

when i did it for my family to try out the recipe i used both a skillet and the stoneware. i love the pan because it just flipped out (great to show off) and the stoneware still worked just was served right out of baker.


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Jan 4, 2005
I am thinking of using my little single burner and doing the lemon chicken pasta toss at my shower on the 23rd. If I dont do that, I'm doing the Caprese Mini Sandwiches, they are really pretty for a shower and you can do like an assembly line with the brides and attendants.