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Recipe advice for HWC fundraiser Tomorrow

Mar 20, 2006
I have a (hopefully) large fundraiser tomorrow night for HWC. We were able to get a hall free of charge and emailed EVERYONE I could get my hands on a email address and asked all to foward. So I am praying for a large turn out. I even emailed local relators in hopes to get them to order for their busniess while helping fight cancer. My question is I'm going to make profiterol puffs,tuxedo brownies ,the ribbon cookies, and pink fudge (with the EAD) ..wanted to have a tasty snack for all....can these be done tonight and put in fridge or freeze? How have you guys down these in the past? Also any ideas on how the flow should go? It's really just come and go I'm not doing a demo,but I do plan on having stations for people to play with the products. I plan on doing a couple drawings for prizes...HMMM what else ? Should I play music? I would love any ideas or feedback. This will be my first fundraiser or big event so Im kind of nervous. It's for a dear friend who has breast cancer so I really want her to succeed.


Novice Member
Mar 19, 2006
This is my first fundraiser "Open House" that I'm having and I just sent out over 200 flyers in my development and the development behind me so I'm hoping for a huge turnout too. The only difference is I'm having this at my house...yikes I hope they all don't come at once. Anyway I was thinking of doing some games like something with the prize drawings that mimicked the show "deal or no deal" with different bags and they get to exchange the bags etc... I'm not going to put any real bad prizes something like...a season's best in one bag, a cake mix with recipe in another bag and one of my products I have in overstock like the jar opener or the bourbon vanilla.
What do you think? Any other ideas or should I just keep it low keyed and have everyone just mingle?