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Really Frustrated

Jun 28, 2005
In the past month I've had 3 shows cancel (actually 1 rebooked and 1 will rebook, she's waiting for her hubby's health to improve). Not letting that get me down I pushed for some catalogue sales and got enough to count as a show. I then got what I thought was a "brilliant" idea to host my own show and invite all the ladies from my Weight Watchers group and do a mystery host show - Weight Watcher's style. I made up flyers and offered a discount, incentives to have more chances to win the mystery host. I invited about 25 people. I'm new to the group and don't really know anyone. I went out of my comfort zone and approached each person and invited them personally and handed them an invitation.

I got everything set up for my show, planned two low-cal/low-fat salsa recipes and made tortilla chips and pita chips ahead of time ....you get the picture.

And then NO ONE showed up. I have two shows booked in September. I really love PC, but today I'm feeling like if my September shows don't do well, I'll just have to hang up my apron.

I'm really grateful for this group. I know I'm not the only one who's gone through this, and knowing that really helps alot.


Dont get discouraged. This happens to everyone. After you handed out the invites, did you follow up? People have a lot on their minds nowadays, people tend to forget. The best thing to do is call people a day or two ahead. Since they didnt show up, now is the time to call each and tell them you missed them at your show but were they still interested in placing an order? You never know, they may all be sorry they couldnt come but still want something. Even if all 25 by $10 worth you will have a $250 show! Let us all know what happens and good luck!
Jun 8, 2005
Motivational tapes

You know, I wish PC gave out motivational tapes for days just like this!! :eek:
Thank goodness for this board, which is the next best thing!
I'm sorry things seem to be going so badly this month. The Weight Watchers idea was really good--but it IS hard when you don't really know everyone there--I had the same experience when I first started and my next door neighbor (a good friend) hosted a show for me. I tried to invite everyone around our block, but I didn't know them and only one of them showed up! Although, after the show one of the other neighbors did place a HUGE order, so don't give up! After you've been in the group a little while, maybe you can either try this again, or have one of these ladies host for you.
(You might want to bring a sample of whatever you prepared to the next meeting--that might get their interest going!)
Good luck!
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Apr 22, 2005
Did you tell these ladies that they could bring a friend? They probably did not attend because they don't know you that well. It was probably out of their comfort zone. When you were personally tell them, did anyone sound interested. If they all sounded interested, I would try it again maybe the end of September. Get really excited about it. Tell them, it would be great if they brought a friend. And let them know you will be preparing recipes from the PC cookbook "It's Good For You". Someone posted somewhere on this site, weight watcher points for PC recipes. Find that thread and use that as leverage too. Did anyone have your phone number to get back to you if they could not make it? Make sure you follow up with them and stress how important it is that they gt back to you if they cannot make it. Theme your party for Weight Watchers, and make it fun for them. Maybe you will get some bookings out of it. Hope I helped.

Debbie :D
Jun 28, 2005
Thanks for the great suggestions and support ladies. The bright side to this is that I was able to speak to people individually and let them know that I'm a PC consultant.

I know the leader and one receptionist at the Weight Watcher's meeting from a loooong time ago when I was a receptionist there. They were a bit apprehensive and I found out why -- one of their receptionists was a PC consultant and was struggling financially so a bunch of them bought a lot from her to help her out. It wasn't so much that they really wanted to buy ...but they felt an obligation - and I think they didn't want that to happen with me too.

I'm sure the new Fall line will peak some interest, and I do have 2 parties booked for September - wish me luck!
Aug 28, 2005
Hello! Im a NEWBIE!!

I am hoping that maybe someone can explain to me what I need to be doing. I pay for my Starter Kit on Thursday and want to know what I can be doing in the mean time. I am SOOO excited and cant wait! I already have all my shows for Sept. booked!(4 Kitchen and 2 Catalog) and I have a catalog order already. What do I do now?? LOL!! Help!! :)