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Really discouraged

Jun 8, 2005
I'm feeling pretty bummed out right now. After a totally empty August, I had 4 shows booked for Sept. I've done two of them, and sales-wise they were both quite successful. Both had about 10 people there.
And I didn't get one booking. :(
I have two more shows next week, but then nothing.
I can't help but wonder if it's me? I mean, some of these people reallly loved PC and seemed to have a good time....I don't know. I mean, TWO parties with not one booking?
Anyone out there who gets bookings at parties--PLEASE tell me what you say?? Do you play it cool? Really pump it up? Explain all the benefits? Focus on anything?
I'm getting desperate and starting to wonder if this is business for me.
If anyone has advice I'd appreciate it.


Aug 20, 2005
Try to stick with it

Being new to Pampered Chef as well, I can understand your frustration and uncertainty in the business. The only thing I can do, is tell you what I did. I called absolutely everyone that I knew and explained to them that I had started my own business and that I really needed their help in making it a success. I tried to focus on those people that I may not really be close to, since if they book a party I wont know everyone that attends and that will lead to a bigger circle of people that I dont know if they book a show. At my first kitchen show, I had one booking. Which when I was driving home after the show, I was a little disappointed, cause I wanted more...but really just to get 1 booking from my first show was great. I had done the "points game"; throughout the show, guests earned points for having different products, or sharing tips, bringing a guest, etc., well it got pretty competitive and for the last offer of points I said "Okay, this next question is worth 500 points, and will surely decide the winner..who here will book a show from our host Crystal tonight?" and there was one lady that really wanted to win, so she raised her hand and booked for November. At my second show, I had 2 bookings and I didnt play the points game, but I got lucky and had a couple who had no PC products and really want to get some at host benefit, so they booked in October and already have $300 in outside orders and they are 2 weeks out for their show. The other booking was a past consultant who wants the roasting pan.
I have really emphasized the hosting benefits when I call all of the people that I know. And the fact that I need their help to make my business a success. Of course there have been people to tell me no, or not now, but I will just keep them in mind for the future. Out of the 40 people that I called, 13 people booked kitchen shows and 3 booked catalog shows. My October is filled and I have 4 in November and will hopefully book Nov. and Dec. from my October shows.
Get your name out, drop catalogs off all over town. Put up flyers in grocery stores. Get a friend that works in a large office or business to do a catalog show. You could also ask your director/recruiter for more ideas.
I hope that you stick it out and figure out what works for you. I know this was a long reply, but I hope it helps. :)

kitchen queen

Mar 20, 2005
an idea

I always try to make it a game with my hosts. I like to challenge them to get more bookings from their show than I do. If they tell me the names of the people who want to book before I get to the show & then I get less bookings than they did..sometimes I will offer to pay their tax or give them another item at 1/2 off.

I would go back to those 20 people from your first shows and issue them that same challenge. Just say, "I'm working to build my business & was wondering if I offered you a special that I'm running, if you would be interested."

Good luck!! Just keep on plugging & try not to get discouraged in the down times. They happen to all of us.


May 25, 2005

I was in the same boat. What helped me was in the way I worded things. I used to say things like, "If you book a show..." Now I say, " When you schedule your show..." During the presentation I talk about the theme shows I offer and stress how incredibly fun they are. I explain host benifits.And at the end i don't ask if they would like to schedule a show. I have a list of dates for them to pick from and I say, "Which one of these dates would you like to pick for your show?" Obviously, not everyone is going to do a show but since I have started wording it this way I haven't walked away without bookings. Now I get from 1-5 bookings per show, where I used to get 0. I know it sounds pushy but if you give people an easy out they will take it. Just remember they are not doing you a favor. You are providing a useful service to them, they are the ones who are going to be getting all the free stuff! Hope this helps.


Sep 26, 2005
I know how you feel!

I just recently joined as a Consultant (beginning of Sept) and I too am finding it a little difficult to get bookings. I did a Bridal Exztravaganza and a craft fair with my recruiter and to my surprise, she thinks I am her good luck charm because she says we've received more leads than before I joined. Still, the only shows I have booked so far are from two of my best friends. I'm hoping things will get better once I have the shows, as I am thinking that maybe I can get some new leads from their guests. The Bridal show produced 35 leads and only 3 seemed like they really, really wanted to book a show. I have even left flyers on every door in my neighborhood thinking that might stir up some business, but no luck thus far. :confused:

Hopefully we'll be getting more business soon! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! :)
Sep 11, 2005
Have you tried mailing out the mini-catalogs? I mailed about 35-40 of

Have you tried mailing out the mini-catalogs? I mailed about 35-40 of them out and I have gotten several leads. I called them all about a week after I mailed them. I put a little note in each one telling them that I just started this business and I really would appreciate their help getting it off and running. I did a show last week for a friend of mine and the sales were over $700.00. If you sit down and think of all the people you know I am sure you will be able to mail out a lot of them. Good Luck


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Jan 21, 2005
Chef Michelle D said:
Have you tried mailing out the mini-catalogs? I mailed about 35-40 of them out and I have gotten several leads. I called them all about a week after I mailed them. I put a little note in each one telling them that I just started this business and I really would appreciate their help getting it off and running.
And remember that we will be able to order a NEW mini-catalog starting October 3 with gift ideas! I'm going to use that one big time to send out to businesses and past hosts and preferred customers. It'll also be part of my host packet for all shows the rest of the season.