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Pampered Chef: Sales Real estate letter???

  1. For those of you who have used the real estate letters do ya'll mail them to all the realty agencies or do you hand deliver them? If you hand deliver them who do you talk to & what do you say to them?

    Also is there a way that when you log on you can see all the responses to questions you ask or do you just have to remember where you asked the questions?

    Jul 20, 2005
  2. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    You have to remember where you posted. You can choose new posts on the top bar. That will pull up new posts since your last log on.
  3. Finding Posts...

    When I want to go back and see the threads that I have posted I scroll clear to the bottom of the screen. It lists all of the active members on line. I click on my name and up will come your profile. Here you can select "All threads by this user name." When you click on that all of the ones you have written will appear. If you click on those it will take you to the place they are located. Then just use you browser back button to look at more. Hope this helps you :)
    Jul 22, 2005
  4. ChefNic

    ChefNic Veteran Member

    I guess no one knows about the real estate question. But I would think that going into the office and speaking with someone would be best. They wouldn't dismiss your mail as junk, they would see that you are professional, and PERSONALABLE! That is so important in this type of business.
    I have been thinking for a while that I'd like to go to the office of the lady who helped us buy our house - two years ago! She was so nice and helpful, and she gave us a $50 gift certificate to Lowe's Home Improvement. It was very useful...but ya never know...some home buyers may like a PC gift certificate more, and the agent would probably know the buyer enough to know which they'd prefer... a single lady may rather have $50 from PC! I know I would! :p
    Jul 22, 2005
  5. DZmom

    DZmom Veteran Member

    You can do a search for a user name through the search link at the top of the page. Just click search and then click Advanced Search. There is a box on this page that says search by user name.
    Jul 22, 2005
  6. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member


    I have taken the letters in and talked with an agent. It has always been someone I know already. I've not done it with a stranger...yet. Still I would suggest hand delivering them. Otherwise it would go in the junk pile.
  7. Thanks for the info

    Thanks so much for your replies...I love this website

    Jul 23, 2005
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