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Raising money for soldiers' homecoming


Jul 31, 2005
I just got an email from someone who wants to raise money (several families involved) for a homecoming for their soldiers in the Army National Guard. What a cool thing to raise money for!! Anyway, don't I need to submit the fundraiser as an "organization" vs. an individual? Anyone know how I could do this? What would I put as the name of the organization? I want to sound half-way smart when I respond to her. :eek: Thanks!


Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
The show must be submitted as an organization. The HO will only write checks to an organization. If the unit or battalion or whatever has a support group you can submit the show in their name. If it's just the family members then someone would have to open a checking acct with a name of the Army National Guard Homecoming or something to that effect.

Congradulations on the business and to the families whose soldiers are coming home. Send them my prayers and thanks for a job well done. Protecting our country and way of life is the most noble profession I know of and they don't receive enough praise.