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Pampered Chef: Bookings Quick Question

  1. So, I hosted a part about a week ago and that is what prompted me to join PC as a consultant. My up-line was awesome and had everyone fill out a sheet about hosting parties, becoming a consultant etc. Well, 5/8 guests said that if I were to become a consultant they would help by hosting a party or a catalog party.

    My question is how do I go about calling them and not sounding too pushy since they were just at my party?

    Thanks everyone for all your support and advice--you don't know how much I appreciate it
    Jun 5, 2009
  2. flemings99

    flemings99 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Your friends & family will be excited to help you out. They wouldn't have put down yes, if they had meant no. Call them, let them know you decided to give it a go and see if they'd be interested in helping you get started. Let them know about all the wonderful benefits you got by hosting a show and can help them get as well. Tell them about our exciting new specials.

    Don't be discouraged if some of them say no, I still have some friends that haven't done shows for me & I've been doing this almost 3 years. Working on show 197 so guess I haven't missed the shows that didn't come through. :)

    Use the word choices from cc or those included in your kit. You can also practice a call with your recruiter or a close friend. I used that excuse all the time when I started---I need to practice on you. It works. Best wishes with your new biz.
    Jun 5, 2009
  3. Aunticooks

    Aunticooks Member Gold Member

    Just give them all a quick call Thank them for coming to your party and let them know that you have made the decision to Sell PC and that at your party they had mentioned that they would be happy to help get your business started. So you are now calling to ask for their help and are booking parties. Remind them what fun you all had at your party and you are looking forward to "Pampering" them at their party.
    Keep it light and casual. I'm sure that each of these friends have other friends and family members in each of their circles that they can invite. Co-workers, Moms of kids friends, etc. Search on the files for the listing of 40 friends in 4 minutes or something like that. It helps your hostesses figure out where to find those to invite.

    Good luck to you and remember to breathe!!!!!
    Jun 5, 2009
  4. Melissa78

    Melissa78 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Well I may not have had much luck with getting people to my Grand Opening Party but I do have 6 parties booked from people like those you mentioned above. I phrased my conversation so that I switched it around and gave them something more...the openness of my calendar. It went something like this:

    "Hey so and so. I just wanted to follow up with you about our conversation we had about helping me out with the start up of my new PC biz. Before I have my grand opening party or make any more commitments, I want to ensure that you get the date and time that would work best for you and your guests. Since you were so kind and generous in offering to help me out, I want to help you out FIRST by ensuring that we get you exactly what you want and that you don't miss out on that special day that you were thinking of. What do you say, can we pick that date and I will get all of the host information right out to you?"

    Now that's a sketch...but I felt it went well bc it was more of a reverse psychology. I want to help YOU (not them helping me) and I was willing to do everything to ensure they got top priority. Did I have anything on my calendar? Heck no (the dentist and bill due dates don't count do they?) :) Its the same psychology you will hear others about limiting the dates you give to guests at a party...its the art of psychology.

    My apologies for the length of this posting. SOmeday I'll get better on "less is more" with words.
    Jun 5, 2009
  5. Crystal Patton

    Crystal Patton Advanced Member

    Melissa - what you did is PERFECT!!!! Because it should be about them. Your wording is great and yes your calendar is always full (whether or not it really is). I think you've got the idea and you will do well!!

    Good luck!
  6. dkitten13

    dkitten13 Member

    Love it! I always try that angle and its really the truth so its easy to give the the right impression. Best of luck!
    Jun 6, 2009
  7. diradt

    diradt Member

    Love that lingo Melissa.

    And dont forget to mention the charter host gift. Correct me ladies b/c I am drawing a blank...is it the 1st 4 shows get the gift or in the 1st 30 days?

    Good luck and remember, even if your friends can't help you out RIGHT now, maybe in a few months. CONGRATS on your decision!
    Jun 6, 2009
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