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Quick question about submitting orders

Pampered Zoe

Sep 30, 2005
I have only submitted 3 shows, but the first two showed up in my SS tracking status page quite quickly, and the last one was submitted on Friday, and still isn't showing up. How long does it take to show up on average? I also noticed that they are only shipping shows received through the 14th... my first two shows shipped the day after I sent them. I figure that was exceptionally fast, but not shipping for a week seems really slow.

Any thoughts from you more experienced consultants?


Sep 24, 2005
If you submitted them through Pampered Partner, I would verify with your transmission logs to ensure that your show went through.
I once hadashow take a long time to ship when PC was unexpectedly slammed with stoneware orders at the end of September. But it showed up under my tracking as "received" under the shipment status page