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Question on vendor show/holiday party


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Sep 6, 2013
There was a posting on FB about a home vendor show/Christmas in July party at someone's house. A consultant down state said she was available and I said I was also. She commented first. A few hours later the person having the show said that she would get back to me if the first person fell through. No worries as far as I was concerned. She did see the post and comment first.

This morning the hostess said the other person confirmed (bummer) but she asked me to send her a catalog. I am closer and she always needs bamboo spoons. I said no problem, keep me in mind for future events. Hopefully the other person has spoons for her. She asked me to come as a guest. I'm interested in seeing the other person's table set up and to talk to her about the business but I also don't want to distract her while she's working. I wouldn't wear logo wear or advertise that I also do PC. Do you think it's ok to go and say hi to the hostess and check out the tables? I am feeling conflicted. If it was my table, I wouldn't care as long as the other person wasn't trying to promote their own business but I wanted to get your insight.



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Dec 6, 2005
You're planning to be respectful, so I see no reason not to attend. You might make some good connections with other vendors, too.


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Apr 14, 2004
I agree with Rae.