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Question from Victoria

Jan 20, 2006
Hi everyone, I am thinking seriously of joining Pampered Chef, and before I contact Head Office I was wondering if anyone knows of one or more Director's I could talk to here in Victoria first?

Thanks! :)


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Feb 20, 2005
Hello and welcome fellow Canadian :)

Congratulations on thinking of joining this wonderful company. I joined about 15 months ago and I'm having a blast! I love the incentives, love the products, LOVE my customers, and the paycheck's not bad either :) Considering I've been hosting for 5 years and never ONCE thought of selling and NEVER had anyone ask until I DID sign, I SOOOOO wish someone had put the bug in my ear years ago! My recruits say exactly the same thing!

I don't know any directors in Victoria but I do know that there is a member search on this board that may help you find a fellow BC consultant or director to email. Is it only a director that can answer questions for you or could I be of some assistance? Do you have a consultant you've been working with already in your area? If so, I'm sure that she could help you as well. If you have questions you'd like answered and don't have a consultant to ask, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

Also, if you're looking for a director to 'sign' under you can sign up under any consultant. HO will also be happy to provide you with a 'hospitality' director in your area if you do not sign up with some one in close vicinity to you.

Again, please feel free to email me anytime. I'd love to have you on my team but even more I'd love to answer questions and get you on SOMEONE's team! It'll be the best thing you ever tried :)


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Jul 23, 2005

I'm from BC as well :D. If you need any info, I can help you as well. I'd be happy to send you some stuff as well if you don't know anybody in your area. You can email me at [email protected]
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