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Question about Tax


Jun 18, 2005
I live in South Carolina. Do I have to collect sale tax for sales made in other states? Or is it like Internet sales where you only need to collect for sales made in your own state?


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Jun 22, 2005
You need to charge sales taxes based on the location of the show. All the guests will pay sales taxes for the host location no matter where they are from.

If it is an individual sales, then that person will pay taxes at the rate of his/her location.


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May 18, 2005
Sales Tax

However, if you have a show in one state, someone from another state orders and has it directly shipped to her own house and not the hosts', she would pay the tax rate for her own state (that is, they pay the tax for where the order is shipped). Hope that helps!
Apr 13, 2005
I struggled with this one

I called home office and talked to many consultants. I've been told and follow this method. Taxes are based uppon shipping location unless the purchaser is an Oregon resident, in which case they must show a valid Oregon Drivers licence so I can collect their, name, address, drivers licence number, and expiartion date to fill out the Tax Exempt Oregon Resident form to Send to HO, which would allow them to not have to pay taxes. This would also be true for fund raisers, Oregon Residents must show a valid drivers licence for tax exemption purposes just like if they were purchasing from any store in any other state than Oregon. If the purchaser is having their order shipped somewhere else with direct shipping they pay taxes for the location of where they ship it to. If I'm wrong someone please correct me, and send me a transcrip from HO where these rules are. Hope that helps. That's my understanding anyway.


same info

I got the same information. It's based on the shipping address (which is usually the host's address). I ran into to this with a family member who lives in IN and my show is in TX. Taxes are lower in IN, so I wanted to make sure she got the right price. The correct answer was to use the special shipping option in PP and charge her the tax for her location because it's a direct ship to her in IN.