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Question about setting up a booth at an event



Hi all,

I have two fundraisers coming up... both of which will be setting up a table at an event. I suppose I could do the lime cucumber demos... or bring a big bag of potatoes! But my question is this: Even after only a couple of months, my stuff looks, well, used. Especially the stoneware. I am not really interested in buying a new piece for the event, but I wonder what people would think if they saw seasoned pieces on display. How do you guys deal with this?

Also, for those of you who have done a table at an event, what are some ideas for demos?



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Oct 11, 2005
First, I always tell people that my products are used with love. As far as a display goes, I would cut up carrot and cucumber with the crinkle cutter, put it on a simple additions plate with the food. If you have the microplane grater, again grate some chocolate, cinnamin and put it and the food on a SA plate. Same with any other product. You can always set out some "garnish" too, like a v-shaped pepper, with dip in it. You can bring soem food to demo, but I usually find that I need to talk to the people more than demo. Just bring a few things to cut just in case you need to. Good luck and have fun!


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Mar 6, 2006
On the PC site, they have quite a few ideas to make your table really nice looking....some carved fruit, plate decorating, and a lot of other ideas. Have fun with them, I sure did. Ginger :D


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Jul 23, 2005
i usually take some potatos and a bag of chocolate chips. if someone asks how does this work i grab a potato or something and show them. i also keep a cup of ice so i can throw a piece of ice in the cookware to show them how cold it gets. i usually just set my things up real nice and if anyone knows of PC and they see a seasoned stone they know why its black and are impressed!! i always do a drawing for something. usually a free kitchen show and of course everyoen wins (if its less than 10) that enter. if its more i just grab handful and ask them if they want to do it or not. just be creative!