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Question about registry


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Jun 27, 2005
I have someone who wants to set up a registry, but has a problem. She is set to get married in 07, but because of schooling it may get pushed to 08 or 09, can she still create one and then change the date later if she has to push her wedding date back?


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Jan 17, 2006
Gift registry

I read that you can start a gift registry up to two years before the wedding and it will stay open up to a year after. So it should be ok. Just make sure you let her know to keep you posted on the date. Either way she can accumulate gifts from now until then. But for every order sent in through the gift registry you will get that amount for that month in sales.
Grandma and Grandpa buy $100 worth of stuff in April
Aunt and Uncle buy $50 in April.
Sister and bro in law buy $150 in gifts in May.
You will get commission of $150 in April and $150 in May. When it is bought you will get credit for that sale in that month.